October 2022

Dentistry Today


Modern Technology for Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Dr. Todd Snyder looks at preparation designs, devices, and materials that allow dentists to conserve more tooth structure than ever before while, at the same time, providing the potential for longer-lasting restorations.

Prepless Smile Enhancement: A Conservative Approach to Increasing VDO

Dr. Jason Olitsky shows that with proper case selection and occlusal management, practitioners can use combinations of feldspathic and lithium disilicate restorations to deliver unprecedented aesthetics with conservative techniques in cases involving changes to vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO).

Could TMJ Problems Indicate More Than Dental Problems?

Dr. Prabu Raman looks at patients being treated for TMJ problems, who might have other underlying factors.

Laser-Assisted Socket Grafting: A Novel Technique

Drs. Neal Lehrman, Howard J. Drew, Gabriel Strauss, James Rynar, and Shruti Kashikar show a novel technique for laser-assisted socket grafting without the use of a GBR membrane in sites of future pontic and/or fixture placement.

A Long and Winding Road to Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Dr. Marvin Fier discusses a human approach to a patient who has been unhappy with the results of prior cosmetic treatment. By planning the outcome based on listening to the patient’s expectations, a positive result was achieved.

FOCUS ON: The Orthodontic Mindset in General Practice

Michael Grossman, DDS, offers his perspective on why orthodontics is such a key factor in treatment planning as well as educating patients about DIY orthodontic companies through intelligent marketing.

VIEWPOINT: How Habits Can Change Your Practice (and Your Life)