May 2022

Dentistry Today


A Roadmap to Success in Managing Early to Severe Peri-implantitis

Drs. Samuel B. Low and Paul Chang look at multiple peri-implantitis scenarios and discuss treatment modalities from monitoring (watch and wait) to replacement with a new implant fixture. Several treatments are discussed, including erbium laser therapy for decontamination, degranulation, and decortication.

Immediate Implant Placement and Provisionalization for Type II Sockets: A Case Report

Dr. Brian J. Jackson discusses the clinical management of a deficiency of the facial plate of bone and shares a case that uses the immediate implant placement and provisionalization approach to resolve a horizontal fracture.

Successful Implant Integration

Dr. David L. Hoexter emphasizes the necessity of the preservation of the osseous walls of the extraction site during the surgical extraction. He demonstrates new proper surgical instruments that allow the practitioner to remove roots while preserving both the buccal and lingual walls of the osseous socket.

Instant and Accurate Detection of Early Occlusal Caries: Conserve Tooth Structure, Grow Your Practice, and Increase ROI

Dr. Brian J. Rosen uses an electronic caries detection device to show that it significantly takes the guesswork out of detecting early cavitated occlusal lesions and helps us avoid unnecessary restorations.

Endodontic Disinfection: Balancing Predictability, Possibility, and Practicality

Dr. Clifford J. Ruddle describes canal disinfection using sonics. He shares a system integrated technology that may be utilized for 3D cleaning in root-appropriate shapes to yield a canal ready to fill.

Application of Modern Supercomposites: A Paradigm Shift for Preservation

Dr. Clarence Tam notes that large, complex restorative defects are becoming increasingly treated with direct, superfilled composite resins. This expanded function drives a pragmatic solution that simultaneously addresses the need for both cost efficiency and preservation of tooth structure.

VIEWPOINT: The Great Resignation and The Path Forward

FOCUS ON: In-house Laboratory Technicians