LED Dental – Winner for VELscope Vx



The VELscope VX has won 6 times, which is more than any other company to date. Find out how LED Dental maintains its leadership over the competition.

For more information, visit leddental.com/products/velscope-vx.

The Best of Class Technology Awards have transitioned this year with Dr. Lou Shuman from the Pride Institute to his new company, Cellerant Consulting Group. Since 2008, the committee spends each year reviewing and evaluating new products; some have brought novel approaches to the dental community, others enhance existing technologies, and some simply continue to excel in each category. Some don’t fit into a category at all—this year, the committee delved into more areas of online practice management technologies.

Dr. Shuman, who chairs this committee, defines the Best of Class honor as “A sign that a product has revolutionized, simplified, or advanced its category in a distinctive way.” Dentistry Today interviewed the winners to find out more about and what these products and services can offer your practice, and dentistry as a whole.

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