DCI Teams Up with Mission of Mercy to Supply Replacement Parts

Richard Gawel


The America’s Dentists Care Foundation (ADCF) has provided $142 million in free dental care to 220,000 otherwise underserved people across the United States since 2000 through its Mission of Mercy events, supported by a pair of 100-unit trailers. But when one of these trailers was recently lost in an accident and fire in East St. Louis, dental equipment and parts supplier DCI pitched in with new gear. 

“Fortunately, ADCF has managed to form new relationships and strengthen old relationships because of this mishap. Among the new relationships, DCI has agreed to step up in a big way,” said Gerry Murphy, ADCF program manager. “Donating over $22,000 in dental parts alone will go a long way to helping ADCF replace all that was lost back on the side of I-70.”

“Since DCI started over 30 years ago, one of our guiding principles has always been to provide dental care for those in need,” said DCI CEO John Spencer. “So when we got the call about the accident, it was natural to jump in to help get the ADCF back up and running. It’s not just a one-time donation.”

DCI and ADCF also have formed a partnership where DCI will provide the organization with all of the dental replacement parts needed to keep its equipment in working order to facilitate its delivery of care. DCI’s products include dental chairs, stools, delivery systems, and LED operatory lighting in addition to dental replacement parts.

“With DCI’s rapid response and delivery, ADCF has managed to get back on the road to recovery in a short amount of time,” said Murphy. “ADCF appreciates the gracious donation and looks forward to an ongoing partnership with DCI.”

“We’re honored to continue to support ADCF with the parts they need to provide care to the underserved through the Mission of Mercy program,” said Spencer.

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