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Practice management software can be an effective tool for managing your practice—as long as you understand what its reports communicate and how to use that data to achieve your goals. To help dental practitioners navigate this digital landscape, California Dental Association (CDA) Practice Support will present Understanding Your Practice Data, a free hour-long seminar. 

Scheduled for Saturday, May 6 at 1 pm at the Spot Educational Theater in Exhibit Hall D, CDA Practice Advisor Lee Bentz will discuss 8 key reports to review on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, such as the day sheet, accounts receivable, and patient retention, with an eye on evaluating successes and identifying inefficiencies.

“The day sheet is a catch-all of sorts,” said Bentz. “It tells you what went on in your practice any given day for a range of days.”

For example, Bentz will explain how to interpret and use the large amount of information on financial transactions, completed procedures, and more that can be found in the day sheet. The accounts receivable report, meanwhile, communicates how much money is owed to the practice and can be used to broadly diagnose the practice’s financial health.

“How many practice owners know where their accounts receivable stands compared to where it should be?” Bentz said.

Plus, Bentz will explain how to use the patient retention or recall report to pinpoint missed opportunities to retain patients and meet their expectations. The recall report, for instance, produces a list of patients who require follow-up, which the practice can use to fill open appointment slots. Bentz additionally will discuss best practices for office staff when scheduling patient appointments.

“Constant review of these reports, whether daily or once weekly, is key,” Bentz said. “You are looking at these reports to identify opportunities to improve the practice and make it a more profitable one. Spotting the trends revealed in these regular reports is the first step toward making sound business decisions.”

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