Teledentistry Goes on Display at CDA Presents

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Dental professionals can learn about teledentistry at CDA Presents this week as MouthWatch CEO Brant Herman discusses the company’s TeleDent turnkey platform at its booth, 2338. TeleDent is designed to let practices create or improve upon an effective teledentistry program, keeping patients and providers connected to care through store-and-forward exams of live video consultations.

“We’ve really seen in the last year a marked increase in the awareness of teledentistry,” said Herman. “Coming to California, a state that is leading the way in teledentistry, we’re looking forward to meeting with dentists, RDHs, RDHAPs, and public health decision-makers who want to see how teledentistry can work for them and how it can be implemented without huge costs, complex IT problems, and worries about security and HIPAA compliance.”

The ADA has announced the acceptance of teledentistry billing codes: D9xxx teledentistry—synchronous, real-time encounter; and D9xxx teledentistry—asynchronous, information stored and forwarded to dentist for subsequent review. (The final numbers will be announced later in 2017.) According to MouthWatch, positive outcomes for private dental practices adopting teledentistry-enabled services could include:

  • Expanding the marketing reach for dental practice treatment services to new potential patients;
  • Maximizing hygiene department revenue by providing preventive care outside the office;
  • Adding new revenue streams via reimbursable services that can be performed outside the office;
  • Seeing a significant improvement in in-office visits following teledentistry consultations;
  • Increased job satisfaction and care opportunities for RDHs and RDHAPs.

TeleDent can be launched with a subscription to the TeleDent platform, an intraoral camera, and a Windows 10 laptop or tablet. It also can be purchased as a turnkey system that includes the TeleDent subscription, a MouthWatch intraoral camera, and a MouthWatch 10 Windows 10 tablet with the TeleDent software pre-installed and configured.

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