Single-Use Mask Designed for Access and Comfort

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The single-use AXESS Mask from Crosstex International and its subsidiary Accutron is designed to form-fit comfortably over the patient’s nose during nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation. The mask and scavenging circuit are made of slender, lightweight tubing to reduce drag that can lead to mask displacement. Also, the mask and circuit combined are designed to give patients a comfortable experience while offering clinicians easy and unobstructed access to the oral cavity. Neither the mask nor the scavenging circuit includes natural rubber or latex.

Furthermore, AXESS Masks offer visual assurance to the clinician as fogging appears in the translucent mask when patients breathe through their nose. The contour around the mask perimeter provides a nasal/facial seal that minimizes ambient nitrous oxide in the operatory and gas flow into the patient’s eyes, all without the use of tape or uncomfortable cannula protruding into the patient’s nostril. Plus, the low-profile scavenging circuit easily retrofits to most scavenging circuits and can be steam-sterilized and reused for cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendly use.

AXESS Masks are available in 3 sizes and 2 scents, mint and bubblegum. A clear, unscented version also is available for scent-sensitive patients.

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