July/August 2023

Dentistry Today


Immediate Implant Placement at Multi-Rooted Sites: A Case Report

Dr. Brian Jackson shows how the immediate implant placement approach can streamline the surgical and prosthetic stages, reducing appointments and overall treatment time. This could impact patient decisions toward faster treatment rather than ideal treatment.

Demystifying Implant Connections

Dr. Adam Barsoum notes that as newer implant systems continue to emerge on the market, the importance of understanding the different implant connections available is imperative for a higher standard of care.

Retrieve and Recommission a Cement-Retained Crown With a Loose Abutment Screw

Dr. Timothy A. Hess provides a technique article that outlines the steps to remove, evaluate, and recommission the crown-abutment complex when the implant screw loosens.

Dentin and Enamel Tooth Repair

Drs. Theodore P. Croll, James L. Gutmann, and Nathaniel Lawson discuss a new radiopaque, bonded dentin replacement base/liner. They show the clinical technique using this dual-cured, calcium- and fluoride-releasing, self-adhesive base/liner.

Thinking Outside the Drill: It’s About So Much More Than Just Teeth

Dr. Lindsey Hoppe takes us through the restoration of a 16-year-old patient with a missing central incisor and low self-esteem. She discusses several options as well as her treatment planning process to achieve a satisfactory result.

A Simplified, Completely Digital Workflow for Full-Arch Temporary Restorations

Dr. David O’Dowling shares a case report that describes a simplified, completely digital workflow for a full-arch temporary prosthesis within 24 hours.

Focus on: Oral Pathology

Ashley Clark, DDS, discusses the specialized field of oral pathology—from what an oral pathologist does, to how to become one, and when to refer your patients to one.

Viewpoint: Artificial Intelligence: The Final Frontier