Growing Responsibility for the Restorative GP

Damon Adams, DDS


This issue of Dentistry Today shines a light on restorative dentistry, which now encompasses a much broader array of topics than it once did. Reflecting this trend, this month we are offering articles that span many different subject areas under the restorative umbrella.

Highlighting aesthetics, Dr. Joyce Bassett shares a technique that simplifies the work for the lab technician and makes the clinician’s work easier, with a more predictable outcome, and Dr. Tim Kosinski demonstrates an innovation that assists the GP in planning smile design cases. In technology, Dr. Arun Garg et al describe a new guidance system for implant placement. In our endodontics section, Dr. John Khademi et al discuss the need to pay attention to occlusion and periodontal disease when treatment planning, and in the implants section, Dr. Gordon Christensen shares a wealth of implant-related topics while Dr. Steve Williams et al highlight several innovations critical to the implant-focused restorative practice.

The responsibilities of the restorative GP are now greater than ever before. Restorative dentistry comprises multidisciplinary planning and treatment arenas, demanding that the clinician be knowledgeable and up-to-date on a wide variety of topics in order to know when to treat or not, and when to refer patients to the specialist(s).

In our Focus On this month, Dr. Ara Nazarian shares ways to improve patient acceptance in the GP office. His tips and advice are based upon his many years of success in getting patients to make positive decisions for recommended dental treatments. Also, in our Viewpoint this month, Dr. John West opines on what he feels is the misuse of the term “minimally invasive” in the world of endodontics. This op-ed is likely to be a bit controversial among some of our colleagues, but John is always up to the task to meet it head on!

We hope that you enjoy this exciting issue of Dentistry Today!

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