A Potpourri of Clinical Topics

Damon Adams, DDS


This month in Dentistry Today, we have put together a number of different clinically relevant topics for you to review and think about.

Our featured cover article, written by Drs. Cherilyn Sheets, Jacinthe Paquette, and Jean Wu, is a case report that describes the treatment planning and treatment of a patient who presented with hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED). The article showcases the use of a recently introduced and innovative composite dental material that was utilized for the long-term stabilization needed as a part of the clinical protocol involved in this complex interdisciplinary case.

Also this month, we are proud to present a number of other fine clinical articles by professionals in dentistry that involve a wide variety of topics. Drs. Ronald Goldstein and Ed McClaren, well-known leaders in clinical and aesthetic dentistry, introduce some helpful tools and techniques that can increase acceptance of proposed treatment plans by improving your patients’ overall understanding of their clinical conditions. Dr. Perry Jones describes how he leverages digital dentistry technologies to refine prosthetic design to ensure predictable aesthetic success. Dr. Elliot Mechanic, a real interdisciplinary guru, demonstrates how he set up an orthodontic case in a patient with teeth that presented with less-than-ideal size. Plus, Dr. Craig Misch shares predictable and minimally invasive augmentation techniques; Dr. Ross Nash discusses the importance of a fixed prototype to do optimal and predictable restorative and aesthetic dentistry; and, last but certainly not least, Dr. John West discusses his perspectives related to “The Look” in modern endodontics and shares his colleagues’ clinical cases as examples.

In addition, our monthly CE selection by Dr. Ronald Brown et al is available for 2 PACE FAGD/MAGD CEUs. In this article, the authors discuss the factors that can lead to bald tongue and share the protocols that were used in the treatment of 5 elderly patients who presented with this condition.

We hope that you enjoy this exciting issue of Dentistry Today!

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