Almost at the Finish Line

Dr. Paul Feuerstein


Beware the Ides of March. That time has passed, but we are still not out of the woods, although many states are relaxing restrictions and depending on their constituents to follow common sense.

I have a patient who is a weatherman, and I told him the other day that he has been out of business for a year, but things might pick up soon. He did not understand. I told him that for this past year, the idle conversation has been about COVID-19 and not the weather, even right here in this column.

At least in New England, where I am, the warmer time will get people out and about more. Schools are reopening, and the children will finally get back to real learning and social existence. This will have to get rid of some of the gloom and doom. Unfortunately, this is not the story around the world.

Last month, I was emailing with a dentist in North Africa who was just recovering from COVID. His country was still seeing 1,000 cases and 50 deaths per day and did not have the vaccine available. But here we are seeing patients at a regular schedule rate, and as I have said, we’re even busier than before.

The dental companies are starting to roll out new restorative products, and we should start seeing some new equipment in the next few months. If you monitor dental groups on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, you will see some hints of these in action. Speaking of this area, although you can find yourself overindulged, there are often interesting tips on what works and what doesn’t, at least in the social media poster’s hands.

This issue has an interesting twist (no pun intended) in the cover story, where Dr. John West polls 10 endodontists on how they all approach similar cases. Other clinical articles include new and familiar writers of the magazine discussing an alternative to dental microscopes, an interesting approach to tissue contouring in implant restorations, why we should think first before picking up a handpiece (can you spell CAMBRA?), and an interesting use of technology in smile design. Finally, I am happy to introduce my good friend and health mentor, Dr. Uche Odiatu, with a few of his many pearls on helping to keep our body engines running.

Thank you for your comments to me in these first couple of months here at the helm. Some of you have reached out to me with new ideas for content in Dentistry Today. Don’t be shy and afraid to look outside the traditional box, and maybe we will see your face in an upcoming issue.

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