Attacking the ‘Spare Time’ Stack

Paul Feuerstein, DMD


As I am finally settling into this new position, and as a practicing dentist, I have had a chance to sit back and actually read all of the articles. I, like many of you, receive a variety of dental periodicals and put them in a stack for “later.” I used to say that if I were home sick for a while, I would go through the past issues and catch up. We all know that if you are legitimately home ill, the last thing you want to do is read anything. Maybe in my spare time during my vacation? Not really. Maybe during a pandemic? A few. Here, at first, I was reading articles as my job and tearing through them, trying to make sure that Figure No. 7 actually showed that bone graft. Now that I have gotten into the so-called groove, I am reading these pieces for their overall feel and information. I liken this to taking an extended educational course. I have a simple general practice and cover many procedures, but some of the clinicians presenting here make me look at my patients and procedures, and I often think, “That’s the way I do things.” Other times there have been “a-ha” moments where I say, “What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?” Of course, there is always a presentation where I am just in awe of how far an expert clinician can push limits and go “where no man has gone before.” Examples in this issue include the implant cases shown by Drs. Ganz, Tawil, and Patel, with their total blending of technology and surgical skill, or perhaps a look at humanity, as Dr. McMahon’s article takes a look at social pressures placed on younger people, driving them to dentists for both aesthetic treatment and creating better self-esteem. If you have actually gotten here and are reading my words, continue to go through these pages. We at Dentistry Today are trying as hard as we can to make this your go-to publication for practical and interesting information. The writers spend an inordinate amount of time thinking, planning, writing, revising, and more so that when the article finally gets in my hands, along with those of my very able coworkers, you will have an exciting and educational piece to read. And as I have said here before, if you have something you are proud of, this is your forum. Let me know, and we can talk about your idea and help you grace these pages and, perhaps, the cover.