Evolving Fast! Don’t Blink!

Damon Adams, DDS


I recently had the pleasure of lecturing at the Greater Long Island Dental Meeting, and I will soon present the same course, entitled “Trends, Innovations, Controversies, and Clinical Tips,” for attendees at the Ontario Dental Association’s Annual Spring Meeting. As is the case with any dedicated teachers’ preparation protocol, much time and effort is put forth to continually update the content to reflect the fast-evolving world that dental professionals are experiencing. In my lecture, an emphasis is placed on dental material innovations and the growing interest in practicing minimally invasive dentistry techniques. A few of the main topics making waves include supragingival preparation designs; the introduction of new ceramic-polymers and more aesthetic multi-shaded zirconia disks and blocks; bioactive dental materials; technological advances for better implant treatment planning and extremely accurate placement; guided technology that is revolutionizing endodontic access designs; advances in composites that increase simplicity, efficiency, and longevity; the growing use of non-invasive additive dentistry with direct/indirect techniques to treat patients with occlusal disease and/or restorative needs; and the evolution of direct composite materials and preparation designs, including minimally to non-invasive injection molded direct composite techniques.

This last topic mentioned, the use of direct injection molded composite, is specifically addressed this month in Dentistry Today by Dr. Jihyon Kim, our cover-featured clinician. In an informative interview, Jihyon, who is a talented clinician and instructor of the method that she talks about herein, brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to the table related to direct composite resin restorations. It is my sincere hope that you will find the discussion engaging and will be able to benefit from what Jihyon has so thoughtfully shared with us.

We have a lineup of other excellent clinical articles that will also be worthy of your time to read. In addition, in our CE selection available for 2 FAGD/MAGD CEUs, Dr. Luis Brea, Jr., et al, describe a protocol that was used to achieve optimal aesthetic and functional success in an anterior implant case.

Please enjoy this exciting issue of Dentistry Today!

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