Enamelon Goes to the Races



Dentists who also are racing fans probably saw a familiar sight at the Virginia International Raceway and at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas, as Dr. Todd Snyder’s Lamborghini Gallardo sported the Enamelon logo from Premier Dental Products Company.

Samples of Enamelon toothpaste were distributed to patrons at each event. Enamelon Preventative Treatment Gel is designed to be a safe and effective alternative to 5,000-ppm F toothpastes and remineralizing pastes to help prevent caries and gingivitis, as well as treat sensitivity. It is available only through dental professionals.

Snyder is a dentist as well as an extreme sports car driver. He also lectures nationally and internationally on dental materials, techniques, and equipment. He is the founder and CEO of Miles to Smiles, a nonprofit mobile children’s charity that helps indigent and underprivileged children, as well.

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