Celebrating the 20th Annual Leaders in CE

Damon Adams, DDS


For 20 years now, our December issue of Dentistry Today has directed the spotlight on some of the top leaders in continuing education and dental consulting. As I have mentioned in the past, our focus on Leaders in Continuing Education is just one of many ways that our editorial team takes its role in serving the profession as the clinicians’ magazine very seriously.

Leaders must have a real passion for their work, along with a sincere desire to become one of the top professionals in their declared area or areas of expertise. They know as teachers, and often as authors as well, that excellent learning experiences come not only from sharing their professional experiences, but also from the accumulated knowledge gained from sharing knowledge with others. It is incumbent upon them to ensure that the information they share is delivered humbly, honestly, sincerely, and—when appropriate—with a touch of heart and a bit of humor.

Leadership in any field is realized through education, training, experiencing relationships with others, living life to its fullest, a lot of self-reflection, and, with time, wisdom. Once recognized as leaders in dentistry, work for these leaders in continuing education and dental consulting takes on an even higher level of responsibility and accountability. Above all, I have often said that true leaders know that public recognition should not be the goal, as the real reward is in serving others.

Please know that we have never intended the listing of leaders in continuing education and in consulting to be an exhaustive listing of every deserving leader in our profession. In that spirit, let’s continue to remember the many unnamed leaders who are working hard to contribute in so many ways and in so many different venues. With these thoughts in mind, Dentistry Today humbly salutes our choices for our 20th year of Leaders in Continuing Education.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy and benefit from reading this exciting issue of Dentistry Today!

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