April 2023

Dentistry Today


The Technology of Belief: You Are Capable of Saving “Unsavable” Teeth

Dr. Sonia Chopra encourages all of us to open ourselves up to new beliefs about which teeth can be saved. Using real stories from her own practice, she explores some of the biggest and most common dental beliefs about “unsavable” teeth.

Common Sense Insights Into Present-Day Endodontic Instrumentation Techniques

Dr. Barry L. Musikant discusses the impact of the precautions necessary to maintain the integrity of rotary NiTi instruments and offers alternative methods of instrumentation. These precautionary steps give the dentist the freedom to more thoroughly cleanse the canals rapidly, three-dimensionally, and without distortion.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Treatment of Amelogenesis Imperfecta

Drs. Mohammed S. Murayshed, Adam S. Goldberg, Howard Drew, and Alexander Drew detail a case of a young patient with multiple restorative needs due to the underlying condition of weakened enamel. With collaboration, the results of this difficult case had a positive impact on the patient’s social, functional, and aesthetic well-being.

Long-term, Provisional, 3D Printed Restorations as Part of a Complex Treatment Plan

Drs. Rick Ferguson and Gregori M. Kurtzman present a case illustrating complex treatment involving orthodontics to better position the teeth and placement of 3D printed long-term provisionals in preparation for implant placement.

Demystifying Computer-Assisted Design

Dr. Joyce Bassett outlines the steps necessary to digitally take a case from data collection through design using in-house CAD software. She also demonstrates the steps to perform a chairside evaluation of a digital mockup and how to make any needed corrections to give the patient a predictable outcome.

The Reality of Surgical Extractions in General Dental Practice (CE) 

Drs. Karl Koerner and Charles Miller discuss how, despite some situations requiring specialists, there are other situations where general dentists can routinely perform moderately difficult dental extractions. This article is peer-reviewed and available for 2 hours of CE credit.

FOCUS ON: Where is Technology Headed in 2023?

Our editor-in-chief, Paul Feuerstein, DMD, discusses a few of the new technologies capturing our attention this year.

VIEWPOINT: How to Sell or Partner With Private Equity