University of Kentucky Upgrades Endodontic Suite

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The University of Kentucky (UK) College of Dentistry’s Division of Endodontics has renovated its endodontic suite. Current participants in the school’s Endodontic Scholars Program and its third-year and fourth-year dental students will use the suite to provide advanced endodontic care to UK Dentistry patients.

“Our recent renovation allows the clinic to provide superior care to patients as well as a superior educational experience to our providers working in this space. The technology we’re utilizing allows for the provision of more complicated endodontic treatment, which in turn better supports the saving of natural teeth,” said Dr. Al Wiemann, chief of the Division of Endodontics.

Many patients benefit from the Endodontic Scholars Program, UK said, as the offering supports a cost-effective means of receiving advanced endodontic therapy. The renovations include surgical operating microscopes, surgical ultrasonic units, new chairside technology, and access to CBCT technology. Advanced training paired with leading-edge technology provides more treatment options for patients to preserve their smiles, UK said.

“With the amount of technology present, microscopes, and CBCT, I feel we are able to manage more challenging cases with better outcomes,” said Dr. JT Ross, UK College of Dentistry 2020 graduate and Endodontic Scholar.

Each endodontic dental operatory now includes a mounted Global Surgical Operating Microscope and Dentsply Sirona Intego dental treatment center tailored to endodontic patient care needs. The suite’s aesthetics also were updated and modeled after private practice design, UK said.

Also, UK said, the adjoining and newly designed Endodontic Conference Room allows for both the observation and discussion of cases being addressed in the clinic in real-time as well as the ability to record via integrated video capturing in each clinic operatory.

“The integration of the microscopes, with their high-power magnification and enhanced visualization, along with chair-mounted monitors, allows for a different dimension in educating dental students on the complexities of endodontic treatment through observation,” said Dr. Sierra Nunn, UK College of Dentistry 2019 graduate and Endodontic Scholar.

“The College of Dentistry is currently in the application process for launching an accredited, 24-month Endodontic Residency Program. Our renovated suite offers future residents the latest in technology at their fingertips to support endodontic patient care,” said Dr. Mark Schachman, director of graduate endodontics in the Division of Endodontics.

Led by Wiemann and Schachman, the Division of Endodontics supports the endodontic care needs of patients; oversees endodontic-related DMD dental student didactic education, clinical training, and patient case support; and manages the college’s postdoctoral, one-year Endodontic Scholars program, UK said.

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