Universal Composite Creates Lifelike Restorations

Dentistry Today


Kerr’s Harmonize next-generation universal composite features Adaptive Response Technology (ART), a nanoparticle filler network designed to help dentists achieve lifelike restorations with more ease and simplicity than ever before. According to the company, ART creates enhanced structural integrity to provide exceptional strength, handling, and aesthetics.

Harmonize diffuses and reflects light as if it were human enamel for an enhanced chameleon effect and better blending, Kerr states. Also, its particle size and structure are designed to offer superior gloss retention and easy polishability compared to leading composites. It’s softer while sculpting as well.

Plus, Harmonize holds its shape without slumping and without the stickiness of other composites due to its high loading and spherical shape, as well as ART’s rheological modifier. ART’s filter system allows for high loading at 81% in addition to a unique reinforced nanoscale filler particle network, which leads to better polymerization, more integration with resin, strength, and durability, Kerr reports.

“Harmonize reflects the type of product innovation we are most proud of at Kerr—a superior product that makes the patient happier and the dentist’s day easier,” said Phil Prentice, vice president of North America at KaVo Kerr. “Our team is committed to the continuous improvement of even our best products, and we think our customers will be thrilled with Harmonize.”

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