Dual-Color Articulating Film Emphasizes Contrasts

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Many dental visits include an occlusion check. Microcopy’s Bite-Chek articulation film now adds a little color to this step in the exam, with red on one side and black on the other for more pronounced contrast. The previous version with black on both sides also is available.

The Bite-Chek’s ready-to-use handle is easy to grip, according to the company. Forceps aren’t necessary, then, making for a more pleasant patient experience since nobody likes accidentally biting down on them. The handle keeps the film flat as well, so the film doesn’t curl as it produces an accurate mark. Plus, the handle keeps gloves clean.

The Bite-Chek is made to fit the oral cavity’s curve. Users can mark the full arch by holding a pair of them side by side, adjusting the angle to fit the arch’s width. And by accurately marking the points of contact, the Bite-Chek minimizes the possibilities of occlusions that are too high and of post-operative tooth sensitivity.

With its 19-micron profile, patients can close their bite completely, eliminating mandibular reflexes that can skew the occlusion. This results in a small mark that makes adjustment accurate. Bite-Chek also stretches without snapping back or tearing to prevent false marks. It marks all surfaces, including enamel, metal, nonmetal restorations, and plastic, though it works best on dry surfaces. 

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