Toothpaste Tablet Sales to Grow by 6.1% Through 2031

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Global sales of toothpaste tablets will increase at a compound annual growth rate of more than 6.1% from 2021 to 2031, despite a period of less growth in 2020, according to Future Market Insights (FMI). The market research firm based its projections after tracking toothpaste tablet sales in more than 20 countries.

Many players in the retail sectors are now switching to subscription-based sales models, FMI said, which offer advantages in expanding existing lines of products and in launching new businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic also has driven more consumers to online purchases. As a result, many players in the toothpaste tablet market have resorted to subscription-based sales models to promote sales and retain customers.

For example, Hello follows the subscription-based model. It lets customers start their subscription by selecting one of the bundle offerings from its portfolio. Consumers are then free to select the duration of their subscription per their convenience.

Hello also lets customers create customized subscription boxes of their favorite products. It guarantees free products with each subscription as well. These efforts have helped the brand create, develop, and expand its business while curating a loyal customer base, FMI said.

Fluoride-free toothpaste tablets account for a significant share of the market, FMI continued. Many players also are expanding their offerings to include new flavored toothpaste tablets that are more appealing to consumers, especially children. Additionally:

  • The toothpaste tablet market grew 5% from 2020 to 2021.
  • Sales in the United States account for more than 88% of the North American market.
  • A focus on dental and oral health will keep growing in the United Kingdom, pushing toothpaste tablet sales to increase by 4.7% in 2021.
  • France and Germany are emerging as strong markets as buyers demonstrate a greater willingness to spend on fluoride-free toothpaste tablets.
  • A growing population with a greater focus on personal care and hygiene will continue pushing toothpaste tablet sales in China.

An FMI analyst noted that tailored marketing has significantly helped brands enhance their market reputation. Many brands use terminology including eco-friendly, non-toxic, green, sustainable, gluten-free, paraben-free, and fluoride-free to promote their products as healthy and safe in the eyes of consumers.

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