Dental Floss Made Out of Recycled Water Bottles

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While most dental floss is made out of virgin plastic, Cocofloss’ dental floss is made out of 85% recycled polyester, sourced from post-consumer PET water bottles, according to the company.

Only 9% of the world’s plastic is recycled, Cocofloss said, so it is working to reduce single-use plastic waste. By using recycled materials, the company said, it expects to divert more than 500,000 water bottles from landfills over the next 12 months.

Compared to virgin polyester, the new material requires fewer processing stages and takes 64% less energy to make, resulting in 32% less carbon-dioxide emissions and 94% less water consumption, Cocofloss said.

“Caring for your teeth shouldn’t hurt the planet. At Cocofloss, we are continuously re-evaluating how we can make greater contributions to the health of people and our environment,” said Dr. Chrystle Cu, Cocofloss cofounder and practicing dentist.

“By spinning recycled water bottles into dental floss, we are taking a small, incremental step toward a more sustainable future,” Cu said.

Cocofloss offers a high-performance and sustainable solution for people who want to rid their teeth of plaque and cavity-causing bacteria while giving a second life to otherwise single-use plastics, the company said.

The floss still features the same highly effective weave as well as thoughtful, nontoxic ingredients including antimicrobial coconut oil, naturally aromatic fruit oils, and vegan wax, Cocofloss said, and it is PFAS-free as well.

Furthermore, floss refills are available in fully compostable packaging made of renewable wood cellulose. Cocofloss additionally has an ongoing partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Network.

A single spool costs $9. A three-spool refill set costs $24. Seasonal spools cost $10.

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