Burs Locate Hidden Canals

Dentistry Today


Munce Discovery Burs feature round carbide heads on 31mm (Shallow Trougher) and 34mm (Deep Trougher) non-flexible shafts that facilitate positive troughing control for locating separated instruments and uncovering hidden canals. Along with the newly-released diamond-tipped TruGrit Trough Refiner, these longer-than-standard-length burs draw the handpiece head away from tooth structure creating the favorable geometry that opens a functional view corridor to the deep target area.

In contrast to standard 2.35mm shaft diameters, the narrow shafts of Munce Discovery Burs—0.7mm on the three smallest head sizes and 1.0mm on all other head sizes—prevents shaft impingement on deep access cavity walls, significantly reducing ledging and perforation risk while preserving the shaft stiffness required for troughing-type procedures. In addition, the 0.7mm shaft diameter on the smallest head sizes allows parallel cement-line dissection around posts, post core-out procedures and offers visibility of the tiny heads in operations such as exploring for calcified canals deep within root structure, visibility otherwise blocked by standard-diameter shafts. Also now available is a new bur block designed to hold the full complement of Munce Discovery Burs, including the TruGrit Trough Refiner. For more information, call (888)256-0999 or visit www.cjmengineering.com.