Electric Toothbrush Dials Down the Noise

Richard Gawel


The Oclean X Pro Elite electric toothbrush features an update of its OS operating system, ultrasonic active noise reduction mute technology, and mobile phone wireless fast charging technology.

With the help of 20,000-Hz WhisperClean 2.0 ultrasonic frequency band control, Oclean said, the clutter audio frequency exceeds the human hearing range, limiting the toothbrush’s noise to 45 dB, which the company calls an industry first.

Also, the X Pro Elite’s exclusive magnetic levitation brushless motor can reach 42,000 rpm, providing sufficient power for oral cleaning, the company said.

Plus, the DuPont diamond bristles in the upgraded brush head can deeply remove dental plaque between teeth and improve cleaning power by 15% compared to ordinary round bristles, Oclean said.

With the X Pro Elite’s automatic wakeup function, the toothbrush wakes up when it is picked up. The screen automatically lights up, and it turns on with the press of a single button.

Using high-end mobile phone wireless charging technology, the X Pro Elite only requires 3.5 hours to fully charge, Oclean said.

And, the X Pro Elite features blind spot monitoring. It uses a pressure sensor, six-axis gyroscope, chip, fusion algorithms, posture algorithms, and statistical methods to process user brushing data, analyze brushing conditions, and achieve blind zone detection, Oclean said.

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