Tokuyama Revamps Website and Launches Guarantee

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Tokuyama Dental America, which develops dental consumables from restoratives, bonding agents, desensitizers, and reline material, has revamped its website. Available at, the update is designed to offer quick and easy access to product information conveniently organized in a resource library where users can search for procedure guides, clinical studies, and more. It also offers a showcase gallery featuring difficult indications and lifelike restorations that doctors have created with the company’s products.

“We have designed with doctors’ needs in mind, with an intuitive feel and rich content that will help doctors improve and simplify their practice,” said product marketing manager Maria Calzado.  

Tokuyama also is launching its risk-free Satisfaction Guarantee, indicating the company’s confidence in its products and willingness to allow doctors to easily try them. Clinicians who already use Tokuyama’s products can take advantage of the company’s promotions and purchase them on the website as well.

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