Top 100 2007

Dentistry Today


July 2007

Dentistry Today’s 21st Annual Top 100 New Products, selected on the basis of reader response, represent whatís new and innovative in the profession today. The products appear in no particular order.

3M ESPETemporary Crown Material

Protemp Crown Temporization Material is the world’s first preformed, malleable temporary crown. With this light-curable material and time-saving technique, dental professionals can quickly trim and adapt a single-unit composite crown to deliver a strong and aesthetic custom fit in 4 minutes or less. For more information, call 3M ESPE at (800) 634-2249 or visit the companyís Web site at



Axis Dental-Carbide Bur

The RAZOR Carbide is an advanced-technology bur ideal for rapid reduction of all materials such as amalgam, porcelain, metal, and tooth structure. Its supersharp transversing tip and blade design result in powerful cutting performance, perfect for crown removal and endodontic access. It is available in 10-packs or 100-packs. For more information call Axis Dental at (800) 355-5063.




DENTSPLY CaulkTemporary Cement

Integrity TempGrip Temporary C&B Cement offers a smooth combination of strength and reliability with a creamy feel, no-drip flow, high compressive strength, low film thickness, automix delivery, and easy cleanup. It is formulated to stay in the crown, not on the tooth, upon removal of the temporary. For more information, call DENTSPLY Caulk at (800) 532-2855 or visit

Kerr-Self-etch Bonding System

OptiBond All·In·One is a single-component self-etch adhesive that eliminates multiple steps when bonding direct and indirect restorations. Clinicians have everything they need for etching, priming, and bonding in 1 material. It is a light-cured adhesive that provides superior adhesion to all surfaces and substrates, even indirect metal-based restorations. Its ternary solvent system provides enhanced shelf-life stability and effective enamel etching for long-term bond performance. For more information, call Kerr at (800) KERR-123 or visit

Ultradent Products-Take-home Whitening Gel

The potassium nitrate plus fluoride found in Opalescence PF combined with the proven effectiveness of Ultradent’s carbamide peroxide formula offers a powerful solution for take-home tooth whitening. Opalescence products are available in a variety of concentrations, formulations, flavors, and kit configurations to meet all whitening needs. For more information, call Ultradent Products at (800) 552-5512.





Pentron Clinical-Nanocomposite System

The Artiste Nano Composite System is a uniquely simple approach to creating beautiful polychromatic restorations with an easy-to-follow technique that requires just minutes of chair time. It builds on the concept of effectively replicating the 2 basic components of natural teeth-dentin and enamel. For more information, call Pentron Clinical Technologies at (800) 551-0283 or visit





Air Techniques-Root Canal Handpiece

The titanium Rinsendo handpiece fully irrigates prepared root canals right to the apex. Replacing conventional irrigation requiring a manual syringe, it uses patented pressuresuction technology and a special cannula, resulting in thorough root canal flushing. Germs and debris are effectively removed, even under difficult anatomical conditions such as strong curvature and small diameters. For more information, call Air Techniques at (800) Air-Tech or visit




BIOLASE Technology-Soft-tissue Laser

The ezlase diode laser was created to make soft-tissue procedures easier for dentists and more comfortable for patients. Available in the traditional 810-nm wavelength or the new 940-nm wavelength, the ezlase is designed to deliver the best clinical characteristics of 810-nm and 980-nm diode lasers in one state-of-the-art system. For more information, visit



Bisco-Self-adhesive Resin Cement

BisCem is a dual-cured, self-adhesive resin luting cement formulated to accelerate cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and posts. BisCem outperforms all others with extraordinary physical properties and superior bond strength. In addition, BisCem is radiopaque, fluoride-releasing, and exhibits a very low film thickness. For more information, call Bisco at (800) 247-3368 or visit



Den-Mat-Removable Prosthetic Smile

Diagnosing and presenting noninvasive cosmetic cases has just been simplified with the advent of the Audition, a removable prosthetic smile created from a high-strength composite resin system that allows patients to evaluate a trial of their new smiles before committing to a LUMINEERS BY CERINATE procedure. It also enables dentists to fully determine the appropriateness of LUMINEERS as the definitive treatment. For more information, call Den-Mat at (800) 445-0345.




Kuraray America-Resin Restorative Materials

CLEARFIL MAJESTY Esthetic is a light-cure, radiopaque restorative composite resin that contains a proprietary, nanofilled composite filler and a high refractive matrix (including radiopaque submicron filler). With its highly developed nanofilled composite filler, CLEARFIL MAJESTY Esthetic exhibits a light diffusion property very similar to natural tooth structure. For more information, call Kuraray America at (800) 879-1676 or visit




Shofu Dental-Self-adhesive Resin Cement

MonoCem is a resin cement containing self-etch primer and self adhesive. MonoCem bonds to all substrates, has high retention values, eliminates sensitivity, and has a high fluoride release. It is moisture-tolerant and easy to clean. MonoCem dual-cure, with unlimited working time and 100% polymerization, comes in an automix syringe delivery system. For more information call Shofu Dental at (800) 827-4638.


Snap-On Smile Creations-Smile Appliance

The Snap-On Smile is considered the alternative to permanent work, providing patients with celebrity-like smiles and allowing doctors to use it for a variety of clinical applications. Now, Snap-On Smile is proud to introduce the only designated laboratory, Snap-On Smile Creations, to deliver this appliance under cutting-edge quality and at a new low cost. For more information, call Snap-On Smile Creations at (877) 7-SNAPON or visit the Web site

Zila Pharmaceuticals-Oral Cancer Screener

ViziLite Plus is a single-use adjunctive screening technology that helps you see barely discernable abnormalities that an unaided visual screening might miss. Get immediate clinical results by detecting and staining suspicious lesions prior to referral to a specialist. And get immediate financial results from integrating this enhanced standard of care into your practice. For more information, call Zila Pharmaceuticals at (866) 945-2776.



ACTEON North America-Intraoral Camera

With the Sopro 717, the company has combined the benefits of a LED camera with the features and image quality of a halogen camera. It has the smallest camera head and offers macro, intraoral, and extraoral functions. By combining a shade selection function with the Sopro 717 camera, you can now use your camera to make your shade selection. For more information, call ACTEON North America at (800) 289-6367 or visit




A-dec-Operatory Cabinetry

Preference Collection cabinetry helps practitioners use every inch of operatory space to their advantage in style. Configurations can include treatment consoles and columns at 12 oíclock; central, accessory, and wall-mount consoles at the side; and upper dispensing, upper storage and upper x-ray storage inserts. Built-in features include dental light wiring, hospital-grade UL-listed electrical outlets, and other options. For more information, call A-dec at (800) 547-1883 or visit





GlaxoSmithKline-Sensitivity Toothpaste

Sensodyne ProNamel Toothpaste is a multibenefit dentifrice designed to help reharden softened tooth enamel and protect against sensitivity. It is formulated to be pH-neutral and minimally abrasive while providing high fluoride availability, caries protection, and fresh breath. Brushing twice a day with it can help restrengthen the softened enamel layer, increasing its resistance to acid attack. For more information, call GlaxoSmithKline at (800) 652-5625 or visit



Kodak Dental Systems Group-Photography System

A 7.1-megapixel digital photography system from Eastman Kodak Company, the KODAK P712 Dental Digital Photography System features the user-friendly design of previous Kodak dental digital cameras plus higher lens magnification (12x optical zoom and 3.3x digital zoom) and additional dental default settings: one for portraits and intraoral photographs; the other, with enhanced lighting, for mirror shots. For more information, call Kodak Dental Systems Group at (800) 944-6365 or visit the Web site



Orascoptic-Lightweight Loupes

Utilizing Italian eyewear icon Rudy Projectís award-winning frame technology, Orascoptic has designed a stylish, new lightweight loupe that combines superior visualization and functionality with fashion. The sleek, sporty Rudy Project Rydon+ frame is available in black, silver, and platinum colors and supports both through-the-lens and flip-up models of Orascopticís HiRes telescopes. It is compatible with the complete line of Orascoptic Zeon headlight systems. For more information, call Orascoptic at (800) 369-3698.




SS White Burs-Diamonds

The Piranha diamond now cuts as fast as the leading multipatient-use diamond but at a fraction of the cost. Piranha offers a broad selection of single-patient-use diamonds and offers a fresh cut every time. Also available is the Piranha 2X turbo diamond. Piranha 2X, proven to cut cooler than competitive diamonds, is great for bulk reduction. For more information, call SS White Burs at (800) 535-2877.


Parkell-Endodontic Sealer

MetaSEAL is a self-etch resin sealer that bonds via hybridization to radicular dentin, gutta-percha, and resin points. This 4-META adhesive was developed by the same team of chemists who created Parkell’s Brush&Bond self-etch bonding agent. It is said to be compatible with any cold RCT techniqueñfrom classic lateral condensation to single-point obturation. For more information, call Parkell at (800) 243-7446, visit the Web site, or e-mail the company at



TrioDent-Matrix Retainer Ring

V-Ring is a superelastic Ni-Ti sectional matrix retainer ring designed to overcome the problem of the wedge and the retainer ring getting in each other’s way. It provides a space for the wedge between the tines in a v-shaped groove. The unique, patented v-shaped tines prevent the ring from collapsing into wide cavities, and they also hold the sectional matrix snugly so it forms a natural anatomical shape. For more information, call TrioDent at (800) 811-3949 or visit



Brasseler USA-Composite Polishers

ET Illustra aesthetic composite polishers contain proprietary filler shape technology that creates abrasive particles without aggressive acute angles. A superb high-gloss shine is achieved, and anatomical details are more readily retained on the surface of your restoration through a burnishing or “micro milling” effect. For more information, call Brasseler USA at (800) 841-4522.




Centrix-Topical Anesthetics

LolliCaine topical anesthetic features a 20% benzocaine gel in a patented, single-use package. Each of the 120 units contains a single dose of fast-acting LolliCaine gel plus a clean swab applicator. Simply peel back the cover, dip in the swab, and apply. It can be used before injections, root scaling, and planing or as a take-home package to address postoperative pain. Dip, swab, throw away-it’s that easy. For more information, call Centrix at (800) 235-5862 or visit



Coltène/Whaledent-Nonlatex Cord

Hygenic nonlatex Wedjets, a clampless alternative for stabilizing dental dams, help simplify dental dam application and eliminate clamp selection. The rubber cord design stretches for fast and easy interproximal placement and does not cause any pain for the patient. Wedjets are packaged in 7-ft lengths in a convenient plastic container that is similar to a dental floss box. For more information, call Coltène/Whaledent at (800) 221-3046, extension 8998, or visit




Consult-Pro-Patient Education Software

Chairside Premium 2007, the latest version of Consult-Pro’s patient education software, boasts over 800 3-D animations, slides, and clinical presentations for the dental patient. New features include a patient history database, audio recording studio, and voice-over tracks. For more information, call Consult-Pro at (800) 519-6569 or visit


Flow X-Ray-X-ray Film

Flow X-Ray’s Xpress F-speed film provides excellent image quality without the graininess and loss of contrast associated with faster films, and it delivers as much as 60% x-ray reduction versus conventional D-speed film. It is available in adult and child sizes in single and double film packets in new packaging. For more information, call Flow X-Ray at (800) 356-9729.





GC America-Luting Cement

G-Cem is a new-generation, 1-step, dual-cure, self-adhesive resin luting cement in a capsule. Its unique hydro-philic chemistry incorporates the best of glass ionomer and seventh-generation adhesive technologies, resulting in a cement that delivers consistent high- bond strengths regardless of whether the tooth is moist or dry. For more information, call GC America at (800) 323-7063 or visit




CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) can help a person in cardiac arrest, but it alone cannot save lives. A “shock” from a defibrillator is needed to restore the heart’s normal pumping rhythm. Ready when needed, the HeartStart OnSite is powered by a simple, safe, long-life (4-year) battery. For more information, call HealthFirst at (800) 331-1984.







J. Morita USA-Augmentation Material

J. Morita USA’s Foundation is a revolutionary bone-filling augmentation material for use after teeth extractions. It is not a bone substitute but rather a stimulant for new bone growth at an accelerated pace. Immediately following an extraction, Foundation is placed into the socket. The surrounding cells and capillaries gradually infiltrate Foundation. For more information, call J. Morita USA at (888) JMORITA (566-7482) or contact your dealer.



G5 is a re-wetting agent and glutaraldehyde-based desensitizer with HEMA, designed for use with single- and multibottle adhesive systems that employ wet bonding with a traditional all-etch technique. G5 acts by coagulating plasma proteins in the dentinal tubules, intrinsically blocking dentinal tubule fluid flow with coagulation plugs up to a depth of 200 mm. For more information, call CLINICIANíS CHOICE at (800) 265-3444.





Groman-Air-abrasion Tip

EtchMaster micro air-abrasive tip is a disposable, no-mess, effortless system for localized intraoral etching of tooth surfaces and prosthetics. EtchMaster tips facilitate a 200% to 300% improvement in bond strength with composite bonding, preventive sealants, crowns, and veneer procedures. Simply select prefilled EtchMaster tips with hard, mild, or soft abrasive powders and power with your chairside air via a simple handpiece adapter. For more information, call Groman at (800) 906-9298 or visit




Heine North America-Lightweight Loupes

HR-C loupes are the first loupes designed specifically for dental applications. Representing the ideal blend of optical quality and comfort, the loupes and frame weigh a mere 1.6 oz.  The compact oculars offer an excellent field of view but allow you to easily look over the optics to perform tasks that do not require magnification, such as picking up instruments. For more information, call Heine North America at (800) 367-4872 or e-mail



Milestone Scientific-Anesthesia System

The STA System is a computer-controlled injection device that delivers predictable primary local anesthesia with immediate onset. It provides virtually painless delivery of all standard injections and allows the clinician to perform an STA-Intraligamentary (PDL) injection as the primary injection, replacing the mandibular block. Its real-time, pressure-sensing audio/visual feedback ensures accuracy and safety. For more information, call Milestone Scientific at (877) STA-IS4U or visit





Obtura/Spartan-Ultrasonic System

The Spartan MTS is a modern, ergonomically designed piezo-electric ultrasonic system designed both for endodontics and periodontics. The MTS contains a microprocessor-controlled circuitry for precision and performance. The sealed membrane panel allows for easy control and proper asepsis. The unitís handpieces are easily detachable for autoclaving. For more information, call Obtura/Spartan at (800) 325-9027.




PeriOptix-LED Light Source

The PeriStar LED light source uses a patented hybrid reflector and lens technology that produces bright illumination in a completely portable headlight. The unique power pack weighs only 6.6 oz and uses inexpensive 4-hour lithium ion rechargeable cells that can be quickly and easily changed. The PeriStar system can be attached to any loupe system or worn on the Freedom headband. For more information, call PeriOptix at (888) 360-0033 or visit the Web site





Plastic Endo-Endo File

The F file is the worldís first plastic endodontic rotary F file. This plastic finishing file replaces the use of sonic or ultrasonic instrumentation and is the last file used in a canal prior to obturation. The F file has a unique design and diamond coating that enables it to agitate sodium hypochlorite and remove remaining dentinal wall debris without further enlarging of the canal. For more information, call Plastic Endo at (866) 752-3636 or visit




VOCO-Posterior Composite

X-tra fil posterior composite features a specially developed multihybrid filler system a