Soft Chews Activate Natural pH-Raising Prebiotic Process

Ortek Therapeutics
soft chews


soft chews

Sugar-free BasicBites from Ortek Therapeutics are candy-like soft chews that contain Ortek’s revolutionary arginine bicarbonate and calcium carbonate oral microbiome technology. Decades of university-based research led to the discovery of beneficial pH-raising bacteria in microbial ecosystems on tooth surfaces.

Arginine, an amino acid, was isolated as the key substrate in saliva that these protective or commensal bacterial strains metabolize to produce alkali. BasicBites activate this natural pH-raising prebiotic process, resulting in immediate and sustained buffering of harmful plaque acids.

In this optimal pH environment, the calcium carbonate in BasicBites is available to support the remineralization process.

BasicBites are clinically shown to help maintain enamel health and are essential for patients with dry mouth and those who consume excess fermentable carbohydrates. Patients can purchase BasicBites directly online and Ortek offers a professional discount for practice building.

BasicBites are just 15 calories each and are available in delicious chocolate and caramel flavors.

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