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3M ESPE Dental Products – Impression Tray

AdDent – LED Shade-Matching Light

The innovative design of the single-use Directed Flow Impression Tray provides excellent stability and minimizes flow defects and distal voids for more accurate impressions. A revolutionary self-retentive fleece strip eliminates the need for tray adhesives, simplifying both preliminary and final impressions while delivering outstanding quality, accurate results, and easy handling. The tray requires only 3 sizes for upper and lower impressions. For more information, call 3M ESPE Dental Products at (800) 634-2249. The Rite-lite Shade-Matching Light incorporates the latest LED technology to bring simulated north sky daylight with a standardized color temperature of 5,500°K into your office. This small, handheld, portable unit is simple to use and utilizes standard AA batteries. This unit is virtually maintenance-free. The Rite_lite comes with neutral color tabs that are placed behind the teeth to further eliminate environmental color distractions. For more information, call AdDent at (203) 778-0200, e-mail, or visit

Air Techniques – Digital Radiography

Align Technology – Removable Aligner

Air Techniquesí very popular ScanX now comes with a significant performance improvement: In-Line Erase. The In-Line Erase advantage is now built into every ScanX. This means that all ScanX models will read the imaging PSP (phosphor storage plate), then automatically erase it in the same continuous cycle. In-Line Erase saves time and simplifies the imaging process. For more information, call Air Techniques at (800) Air-Tech. Invisalign is an orthodontic system that corrects malocclusion using a series of custom-made, nearly invisible removable aligners. It combines diagnosis and treatment plans with advances in 3-D computer graphics technology to move teeth in stages. Patients wear a new set of Aligners every 2 weeks, 22 hours a day, moving teeth gradually, week by week, millimeter by millimeter, until the desired results are achieved. For more information, call Align Technology at (408) 470-1000.

Americus Dental Labs – Ultrathin Veneers

Aribex – Cordless X-Ray System

The ultrathin ThinCeram aesthetic veneers represent a dramatic breakthrough in stackable, feldspathic porcelain technology. They are exceptionally thin and can be made as thin as 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm, making them much thinner than most other veneers on the market, typically 1.2 mm to 1.7 mm. The veneers require far less tooth reduction and preparation than traditional veneers so more natural tooth structure can be preserved. For more information, call Americus Dental Labs at (800) 222-8980 or visit Aribex’s NOMAD is a handheld in-traoral x-ray system that is cordless, battery-powered, true DC, lightweight, and simple to use. It features an external backscatter shield and unique internal radiation shielding to ensure operator safety that exceeds regulatory requirements. NOMAD’s portability doesn’t compromise the diagnostic quality of the x-ray images but provides additional diagnostic information when it is needed with great speed and convenience. For more information, call Aribex at (714) 901-5850 or visit

Axis Dental – Carbide Bur

Bien-Air – Brushless Electric Motor

The RAZOR Carbide by Axis Dental is an advanced technology bur ideal for rapid reduction of all materials such as amalgam, porcelain, metal, and tooth structure. Its super sharp transversing tip and blade design results in powerful cutting performance, perfect for crown removal and endodontic access.  It is available in 10 packs or 100 packs. For more information, call Axis Dental at (800) 355-5063.

Expanding on the unique Bien-Air concept of “all-in-one,” Optima MX brushless motor system provides users complete flexibility with less devices and instruments. Virtually all procedures, including high-speed, slow-speed, rotary endo, and implants can be accomplished with 2 rather than 4 contra angles-maximizing savings while reducing clutter. For more information, contact your local supply house or call Bien-Air at (800) 433-2436.

BIOLASE – All-Tissue Laser

Bisco – Brush-On Liquid Polish

The Waterlase MD all-tissue laser platform has dozens of features not previously available in laser dentistry, including (1) the exclusive HydroBeam handpiece and delivery system with LED illumination; (2)  optimized laser settings for efficient ablation of hard or soft tissue; and (3) a Windows-based touch screen and interface. For more information, call BIOLASE at (888) 4-BIOLASE or visit

BisCover LV (low viscosity) intraoral and extraoral liquid polish and aesthetic sealant leaves a high-luster finish to all composite restorations, provisional bis-acryl restorations, and processed acrylic appliances. BisCover LV is brushed on and light-cured to a hard, smooth, glossy surface without a sticky air-inhibited layer. It can be cured using LED, PAC, and halogen curing lights. It reduces or eliminates messy and time-consuming polishing steps. For more information, call Bisco Dental Products at (800) 247-3368 or visit
BiteFX – Occlusion Software Brasseler USA – Unique Carbide Bur
BiteFX is a newly released software package that provides 3-D computer animations and close-up pictures to illustrate the concepts of stable and destructive bites. Presentations to patients consistently result in clear understanding of occlusion principles and dynamics with a subsequent acceptance of total restoration when recommended. BiteFX contains 20 animations and dozens of supporting photos. Each animation can be played at full-screen size on PCs. For more information, call BiteFX at (877) 224-8339 or visit Featuring precision blade geometry designed to cut aggressively with minimal chatter, Brasseler USA’s XtremeCut carbide bur offers optimal cutting, performance, and reliability. It is ideal for cavity preparation, metal or porcelain restoration removal, and quick endodontic access. In addition, its precision concentricity virtually eliminates wobble, a major detriment to handpiece bearing life. For more information, contact your Brasseler USA representative or call (800) 841-4522.

Calumet Photographic – Camera Kit

Carl Zeiss Surgical – Flip-Up Loupes

This specialized kit includes the 8.2- megapixel Canon EOS 30D digital SLR camera, which features a 2.5-inch LCD monitor, true spot metering, and professional-level features that make customization a breeze. Included with this kit are an EF 100-mm f/2.8 USM macro lens, an MR-14EX macro ring light, batteries, memory card and reader, and a case. For more information, call Calumet Photographic at (800) CALUMET (225-8638) or visit and type in “EC-2730DK” in the search box.

The Vision GF line of Galilean flip-up loupes from Carl Zeiss, available on an assortment of frames, feature quality optics in magnifications of 2.5x, 3.0x, and 3.5x at an affordable price. Offering working distances to suit a variety of ergonomic situations and clinical applications, the loupes are ideal for the entire dental team, from the assistant to the hygienist to the dentist. For more information, call Carl Zeiss Surgical at (888) 773-2790.

Centrix – Compression Caps

CJM Engineering – Troughing Burs

Designed for use with GingiTrac retraction material, Centrix’s GingiCap single-unit retractors apply consistent pressure around the sulcus. Simply load the GingiCap with automixed GingiTrac retraction material, place over the prep, and have the patient bite down and hold for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, simply remove and take your impression. Available in regular and large sizes, the GingiCap is constructed of high-density, closed-cell foam for accurate, repeatable results. For more information, call Centrix at (800) 235-5862 or visit Uncover hidden canals with Munce Discovery Burs, which facilitate positive control for deep troughing with 34-mm-long, narrow-shafted, nonflexible, tiny, round carbide burs. The added length provides a functional view corridor beyond the handpiece head. Available in 4 head sizes, these burs are essentially heatless and create a less problematic granular dust than ultrasonic tips and a smoother surface that is easier to read. For more information, call CJM Engineering at (888) 256-0999 or visit

CLINICIAN’S CHOICE – Occlusal Reducer

Coltne/Whaledent – Temporary Cement

Verifying the interocclusal clearance created during a crown and bridge preparation is often difficult. To facilitate this, the OCCLUSAL REDUCTION RING is a simple-to-use, disposable instrument that ensures the prepared tooth is reduced according to standard requirements for PFM crowns and bridges, all porcelain crowns, and veneers. It features a long handle and offset ring in 3 sizes (1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 mm). For more information, call CLINICIAN’S CHOICE at (800) 265-3444 or visit

The unique Siloxane ZNO formula in TempoSIL provides optimal retention and superior marginal integrity. The 5-mL automix syringe with applicator offers direct, easy, instrument-free application. Cleanups are effortless.  For more information, call Coltène/ Whaledent at (800) 221-3046 or visit

CommonSense Dental – Crown Prep

Consult-Pro – Patient Education Software

CommonSense Dental’s PrepCheck tabs are equipped with a special coating that marks the tooth in areas that need to be reduced. PrepCheck promotes adequate reduction, allowing for the ideal thickness of the final restoration, and it ensures superior strength and aesthetics. PrepCheck tabs come in 3 sizes: 1 mm for gold crown, 1.5 mm for porcelain-to-metal, and 2 mm for nonmetal. For more information, call Com-monSense Dental at (888) 853-5773 or visit Chairside 2006 is the ultimate dental patient education software. The multimedia presentation system uses 3-D animations, still images, and clinical photos to educate patients and increase case acceptance, and users can customize presentations, add their own images, and run their multimedia presentations in a loop format. With more than 600 different presentations, the premium version deals with the most up-to-date. For more information, call Consult-Pro at (800) 519-6569 or visit
Cosmedent – Matrix Bands

Danville Materials – Composite Fiber Burs

Cosmedentís ultrathin PT (primary tooth) Matrix Bands, developed for the pediatric dental market, allow for more consistent contact areas in the posterior primary dentition and are also very effective on adults with smaller permanent dentition. While the bands have been designed specifically for composite, they can also be used for amalgam restorations. The bands are precontoured to effectively enhance the proximal contour. For more information, call Cosmedent at (800) 621-6729 or visit With Danville Materials’ Stainbuster composite fiber burs, users can (1) re-move stains and residual composite with no damage to enamel or porcelain, (2) trim resin flash from restorations, and (3) remove orthodontic cement. Ideal for difficult proximal or lingual areas, they are available in 8 shapes, 6 per pack, and are autoclavable for mul-tiple use. For more information, call Danville Materials at (800) 827-7940.

Den-Mat – Noninvasive Bridge

DentalEZ Group – Hygiene Handpiece

Hugger Bridges provide a noninvasive, pain-free way to bridge gaps between teeth. They are fixed, heat-treated bridges that, when bonded with TrueVitality dual-cured resin cement and Tenure adhesives, have unequalled staying power. The bridges are optimal in stress-bearing areas where ceramic bridges could fracture because of too much stress and/or bite problems. For more information, call Den-Mat at (800) 548-3663 or visit StarDental brand has launched the Prophy Star II Hygiene Handpiece and the Prophy Hygiene Pack. Ergonomically designed and weighing only 65 g, the Prophy Star II reduces hand and wrist fatigue while providing superior maneuverability and unparalleled comfort. This handpiece is the cornerstone of the StarDental Prophy Hygiene Pack. For more information, call DentalEZ Group at (866) DTE-INFO and press 2 or visit

Dentatus – Narrow-Bodied Implants

Dent Corp – Ergonomic Loupes

The ATLAS Dome Keeper implants are used with Tuf-Link silicone reline material for stabilizing and retaining new or retrofitted dentures without the need for copings and o-rings. The ANEW screw-retained implants are utilized for immediate-load, single-tooth replacement or full-arch restorations bridges. The titanium alloy self-threading implants have been approved by the FDA “for long-term use and for any length of time as decided by the healthcare provider.”For more information, call Dentatus at (800) 323-3136. Ergonomic and lightweight, View One surgical loupes feature high-quality optics designed to provide a greater depth of field and larger field view. Models are available in regular (13 inches to 17 inches) and long (14 inches to 19 inches), standard, and women’s frames. For more information, call Dent Corp at (800) 454-9244.

Dentrix Dental Systems – Software

DENTSPLY Caulk – Impression Delivery System

CTP (Clinical Treatment Protocol) allows dentists and staff to easily identify and determine optimal treatment for oral lesions. CTPís content provides information on commonly occurring oral lesions such as herpes labialis, aphthous ulcers, and lichen planus that dentists, although trained to recognize, feel less confident in managing. CTP will provide background information on these common conditions. For more information, call Dentrix Dental Systems at (800) DENTRIX or visit The Aquasil Ultra wash viscosity impression material in the digit targeted delivery system combines the benefits of an intraoral syringe with the convenience of automatic mixing for placement of Aquasil Ultra wash material with less effort and waste. It is available in small and large sizes to facilitate single-unit crowns or multi-unit bridges. For more information, call DENTSPLY Caulk at (800) LD Caulk (800-532-2855).

DENTSPLY Pharma – Needle-Free Anesthetic

Designs for Vision – Lightweight Telescopes

Oraqix is a needle-free local anesthetic FDA-approved to use in adults who require localized anesthesia in periodontal pockets during scaling and/or root planing (SRP) procedures. It is ideal for adult patients requiring localized anesthesia during SRP procedures who may fear needle-injected anesthesia. A mix of lidocaine and prilocaine, Oraqix is applied at room temperature using a blunt tip applicator to periodontal. For more information, call DENTSPLY Pharmaceutical at (800) 225-2787 or visit DVI telescopes not only improve visual acuity but also are ergonomically correct, aiding in the elimination of back and neck pain. Available magnifications include 2.5x, 3.5x, 4.5x, and 6.0x. All telescopes are available in lightweight titanium frames for both dentists and hygienists. A 45-day free trial is offered. For more information, call Designs for Vision at (800) 727-6407.

DEXIS – Intraoral Camera

DiaDent – Root Canal Preparation Cream

The DEXcam is a high-speed USB 2.0 intraoral camera connecting to any standard USB 1.1 or 2.0 port on your computer. It does not require a video capture card or any additional hardware. The convenient USB connection ensures that the DEXcam has true “plug-and-play” flexibility. The DEX-cam features an ultralight handpiece with 8 highly durable LED lights for superb brightness together with high-quality auto-focus optics from Sony. For more information, call DEXIS at (888) 88-DEXIS (33947) or visit DiaDent Group International is proud to introduce Dia-Prep Plus-an EDTA Root Canal Preparation Cream with urea per