Smoothies Can Cause Dental Problems



Parents should stay away from allowing their children to drink smoothies.

The high acidity level in the smoothies is capable of resulting in dental problems. Even smoothies that claim to have a health value are actually causing a type of acid erosion.

Half of children around age 5 in some countries have shown signs of tooth wear, and the cause is the multitude fruit-based acidic drinks. The acid loosens up the enamel, making way for tooth erosion. The teeth are then more susceptible to damage and decay.

The problems stem from the fact that children aren’t drinking enough water. With so much access to fruit drinks, children are opting for those instead.

According to some dentists, children understand that consuming too many sweets is terrible for their teeth. The children, however, don’t understand the idea that fruit juices can have a similar type of negative impact.

The problem with fruit juice and smoothies stems from the fact that the pH level is in the range between 2 and 3. Any substance with a pH lower than 5 will attack the teeth.

This problem is pervading all groups of people, regardless of their economic means. To combat the issue, it’s essential for manufacturers of these types of drinks to show information about the possible effects of the products.

Consuming these drinks through a straw can limit the impact of the acidity, but that doesn’t completely nullify the impact of it.