Licorice Battles Bacteria That Causes Tooth Decay



There are two substances in licorice that may be extremely beneficial to dentistry.

The substances, which happen to be used in Chinese medicine, kill the bacteria associated with tooth decay and gum disease. A study from the Journal of Natural Products states that they could successfully treat dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

The dried root that comes from the licorice is what does the trick, according to the studies. It will be great for people in China since it’s a common substance in many forms of medicine. In the United States, however, the dried licorice root has been replaced by anise oil, something that is said to have to a similar taste.

In the past, dried licorice has been used to treat many health issues, such as respiratory and digestive problems. According to some modern science, however, it’s unclear if the licorice actually works, and it may clash with other prescriptions or cause unwanted side effects.

Researchers wanted to analyze all aspects of the substances in the dried licorice to determine what factor is capable of killing bacteria.

There are two licorice compounds, known as licoricidin and licorisoflavan A, that were the most effective in eliminating bacteria. The substances killed bacteria associated with cavities and gum disease. The evidence was overwhelming that these substances were effective in treating oral issues.