Professional Transition Strategies Closes 30 Dental Practice Transitions

Professional Transition Strategies
Professional Transition Strategies


Professional Transition Strategies, a company that facilitates dental practice purchases, mergers, and acquisitions, is delighted to announce its impressive growth statistics for the third quarter of 2023. As a leader and trusted partner in the world of dental practice transitions, we are elated to share the following highlights of our exceptional performance over the past three months:

Professional Transition Strategies

  • 30 Deals Closed: PTS successfully facilitated 30 dental practice transitions, with a combined enterprise value of $87 million, helping dentists achieve their goals and ensuring seamless handovers of dental practices.
  • $360 Million in Deal Flow: The impressive and successful practices we helped bring to market this quarter reached a total deal flow of $360 million.
  • $432 Million in Collections: Through our brokerage services, we’ve onboarded practices with a total of $432 million in collections, a testament to our commitment to connecting buyers with high-value opportunities.
  • 111 Prospectuses Created: Our team produced 111 comprehensive prospectuses, ensuring that both buyers and sellers have the information needed to make informed decisions during the transition process.
  • 1,655 Prospectuses Sent: These prospectuses were distributed to qualified potential buyers, reaching a wide network of DSOs, individuals, and groups.
  • Average EBITDA of $650,000: We are excited to reveal an average EBITDA of $650,000 among the practices involved in our transactions. The highest EBITDA achieved during the quarter was an impressive $8.7 million.
  • 1,845 Opportunities Created: Our proactive approach resulted in the creation of 1,845 new opportunities, offering a broad spectrum of dental practices for potential buyers.

One of the highlights from the quarter was the first of multiple roll-ups of 10 like-minded practices within the same consulting group. When they started working with PTS, the original value of the practices was $18 million, with $3.9 million in EBITDA. Our team of expert brokers placed the practices within an extremely competitive market and received interest from 126 qualified buyers. In the end, the practices transacted for a total enterprise value of $35 million.

“We’re incredibly proud of the remarkable results we’ve facilitated for our clients, much like the practice roll-up we recently helped transact,” said Kyle Francis, founder and president of PTS. “Our commitment to providing top-tier brokerage services, bridging the gap between dental practice buyers and sellers, is the reason our clients are seeing such outstanding results.”

As we enter the fourth quarter, PTS is poised for even more success, continuing to be the preferred choice for dental practitioners looking to make a seamless transition in their careers.

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About Professional Transition Strategies

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, Professional Transition Strategies helps dentists buy, sell or start practices, move to new offices or expand at a current location. The company is committed to client success and provides expert consulting services to help dental professionals improve operations, marketing, accounting and other facets of practice management.

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