Chamlion Partners with GPAINNOVA to Accelerate the Digitization of Dental Industry



On October 15th, Chamlion and the global surface metal finishing expert, GPAINNOVA, signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Chamlion will become GPAINNOVA’s exclusive dental strategic partner in China. The two companies will establish a joint venture in China to jointly research, develop, and promote metal dental product surface finishing technology. Representing both parties, Chamlion’s CEO, Zhitao Wang, and GPAINNOVA’s CEO and co-founder, Pau Sarsanedas, signed the agreement. This collaboration will leverage the technical and resource advantages of both companies to provide the dental industry with more efficient, reliable, and safe digital solutions, driving the digital transformation of the dental industry into the fast lane.


From left: Qun Zhang (vice president of Chamlion), Zhitao Wang (CEO of Chamlion), Pau Sarsanedas (CEO of GPAINNOVA), Jordi Gasulla (general manager of GPAINNOVA Asia)

In the production of dental prostheses, polishing is a crucial step that directly affects user comfort. Traditional dental prosthesis manufacturing relies on manual polishing, which is not only inefficient but also has drawbacks such as incomplete polishing and the health risks associated with the generated dust. High-quality polishing heavily depends on skilled technicians, and it takes several years to train a mature manual technician, incurring high time and labor costs.

GPAINNOVA pioneered dry electropolishing technology (DryLyte Technology) with a worldwide patent, which can reach areas that are inaccessible by mechanical or manual means. It represents a revolutionary solution for surface finishing in the dental industry. DryLyte Technology enables full automation, simplifying the complex multi-step traditional process and replacing the labor-intensive polishing and grinding stages in traditional dental prosthesis manufacturing with a one-step polishing solution. Moreover, DLyte differs from traditional plasma polishing machines as it does not require a closed-loop water circulation system and sludge waste disposal machinery, saving space, labor costs, and being more environmentally friendly.

Chamlion has a strong presence in the dental field, with in-house research and development of specialized dental 3D printers, AI intelligent design software, and complete post-processing equipment, achieving end-to-end digitalization of dental processes. This cooperation between Chamlion and GPAINNOVA aims to standardize and unify the polishing quality of metal dentures. In 2023, as GPAINNOVA celebrates its tenth anniversary, this powerful collaboration is expected to drive a wave of innovation in digital dentistry, bringing revolutionary technological advancements to the dental industry.

About Chamlion

Chamlion focuses on the complete digital dental process and has pioneered the Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) model in the field of dental 3D printing. They have connected 3D printers to the internet and established large-scale distributed cloud dental prosthetic manufacturing factories globally. This initiative streamlines the entire process from prosthesis data to design to manufacturing, building a comprehensive digital service platform for dental care. It is worth noting that Chamlion has expanded to 27 countries worldwide, with over 300 cloud factories producing 100,000 crowns and 10,000 frameworks daily, serving 1,500 dental prosthetic factories.


Established in Barcelona in 2013 and with subsidiaries in the USA and China, GPAINNOVA specializes in metal surface finishing, with DLyte and MURUA brands; marine robotics, with SEABOTS; power electronics, with POWER INNOTECH, and medical devices, with GPAMEDICAL. It has more than 60 distributors and over 900 worldwide clients. GPAINNOVA has been chosen by the Financial Times as one of the 1,000 fastest-growing European companies for the fourth consecutive year.