Zirconia Exhibits Natural Vitality and Enhanced Shade Consistency

Richard Gawel


Glidewell Laboratories’ BruxZir Esthetic Solid Zirconia is designed for dental crowns and bridges. An all-new formula developed from the company’s BruxZir Solid Zirconia, BruxZir Esthetic Zirconia is a strong and beautiful material unique enough to represent a new category of dental ceramic, according to Glidewell Laboratories.

Benefiting from advances in Glidewell Laboratories’ proprietary colloidal fabrication process, BruxZir Esthetic Zirconia exhibits natural vitality and enhanced shade consistency, resulting in incredibly lifelike restorations, the company reports. The material also boasts an average flexural strength of 870 MPa and requires minimal tooth preparation of only 0.7 mm. 

Upon its release in 2009, BruxZir Solid Zirconia offered dentists an all-ceramic alternative to traditional PFM restorations, which have a well-documented history of chipping and fracture in parafunctional situations. The original BruxZir zirconia also served as a tooth-colored alternative to full-cast and occlusal gold restorations.

For more information, call Glidewell Laboratories at (800) 854-7256 or visit bruxzir.com.

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