Zirconia Milling Block Enables Authentic BruxZir Crowns

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Glidewell LaboratoriesBruxZir NOW is a preshaded, fully sintered zirconia milling block system designed to enable clinicians to manufacture authentic BruxZir crowns in just one appointment. Designed and fabricated in the office, finished crowns exhibit flexural strengths of greater than 1,100 MPa without the need for sintering, staining, or glazing. BruxZir NOW Milling Blocks are indicated for single-unit crowns anywhere in the mouth, though they are ideally suited for molar and premolar preparations. Available in 14 shades that correspond to the VITA Classical shade system, BruxZir NOW is compatible with the TS150 Chairside Milling Solution. For clinicians looking to provide in-office, same-day zirconia crown services, the TS150 and BruxZir NOW Milling Blocks offer one of the fastest and most affordable solutions in the marketplace, according to the company. 

For more information, (888) 303-3975 or visit bruxzir.com.

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