Whitening System Requires No Isolation or Retraction

Richard Gawel


Most in-office whitening protocols require isolation and chair time of up to one to 2 hours. CAO Group’s SheerWhite! In-Office requires no isolation or retraction and only takes one minute to apply in the chair with a 30-minute wear time, which can be done out of the operatory chair.

SheerWhite! In-Office works by employing a unique, Hydrofinitive formulation backed by a patented Polyastin hydrophobic barrier film. This holds the peroxide in exact suspension, providing the ideal combination of adhesion, coalescence, and peroxide mobility for rapid and effective delivery, CAO Group reports. It also prevents saliva dilution and expression of the peroxide into the saliva.

According to the company, Sheer-White! In-Office has been clinically shown to increase whiteness by 3 shades with one application. You can send the patient home with the SheerWhite! Take-Home kit to achieve up to an additional 5 shades whiter. The system saves your practice time and money while providing a better whitening experience, CAO Group says.

For more information, visit CAO Group’s website at caogroup.com.

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