Whitening Kit Contains All Necessary Materials to Achieve a Bright Smile

Richard Gawel


SmileDirectClub’s bright on premium teeth whitening kit includes everything needed to achieve a bright smile for six months, according to the company. Its whitening pens include the same enamel-safe whitening agent used by dentists for less than half the cost, SmileDirectClub said. These pens also are three times faster to use than strips and are applied for just five minutes twice daily, the company said. The kit additionally includes a patented 20-LED accelerator light designed to boost the power of the whitening gel. The hands-free, portable light is powered by any iPhone or Android, making it possible to brighten wherever, whenever, SmileDirectClub said. One treatment (four pens) takes just one week for results that last six months.

For more information, visit smiledirectclub.com.

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