Universal Cleaner Designed for Tooth Structure and Prosthetics

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Kuraray Noritake’s Katana Intraoral and Restoration Cleaner eliminates the weakening of bond strength resulting from contamination from saliva and blood in the oral cavity after cementation during the trial fitting of restorations, according to the company. Featuring surface-active characteristic MDP Salt and a 4.5 pH value, it can be used extraorally and intraorally.

Katana Cleaner is a true all-purpose, universal cleaning agent indicated for tooth structure, including cavities, abutments, and root canals, Kuraray said. It is also indicated for prosthetics, such as ceramics, resin-based materials, metals, and posts. Workflow with Katana Cleaner is easy and fast, the company added, allowing clinicians to use it with confidence in just about any case.

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