Ultrasonic Inserts Offer Ergonomic Design

Richard Gawel


The Hu-Friedy Streamline Plus Ultrasonic Inserts feature the ergonomic handle design of the company’s Swivel inserts minus the swivel functionality, enabling clinicians to choose the insert that works best with their equipment without sacrificing comfort, according to the company. 

“Ultrasonic scaling is an integral treatment modality for periodontal therapy,” said Jennifer Naylor, executive vice president and chief commercial officer at Hu-Friedy. 

“As different styles of magnetostrictive devices are available, we set out to create an insert that not only lives up to Hu-Friedy’s reputation for superior quality and attention to ergonomic detail, but also provides maximum flexibility for clinicians to continue working with their preferred device,” said Naylor.

The Streamline Plus inserts advance effective calculus removal and hard debris removal with a focus on comfort and efficiency, Hu-Friedy says. With a uniform, wide diameter handle, the inserts are designed to reduce finger pinching and hand fatigue while allowing ease of movement when shifting grip location.

Additionally, a textured silicone grip allows for a secure grasp. Streamline Plus inserts also offer color coding for easy at-a-glance tip identification, while a natural color, tapered cone positioned between the grip and shank provides an unobstructed view of the treatment site.

Streamline Plus inserts are available in seven popular tip designs so clinicians can select the optimal tip for thorough cleaning during prophylaxis, periodontal therapy, and other nonsurgical periodontal procedures, Hu-Friedy says.

Direct flow water delivery provides targeted lavage with reduced excess spray, the company adds. Also, a special blend of stainless steel maximized reliability, tip life, and corrosion resistance while allowing for the highest level of ultrasonic scaling efficiency for superior clinical experiences, according to the company.

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