Sonic Toothbrush Analyzes and Reports on Brushing Habits

Richard Gawel


The Oclean One sonic toothbrush uses a built-in gyroscope and advanced smart sensors to collect data on brush motion, angle, and pressure to analyze brushing quality and frequency. It then delivers a daily cleanliness score, detailed brushing reports, and monthly statistics via the corresponding Oclean Pro mobile app.

With good brushing habits, users earn free replacement brush heads every three months for the life of the toothbrush. The intelligent algorithm also analyzes brushing data to suggest corrections and reduces brush speed and frequency when too much pressure is detected to protect enamel and gums from damage caused by over-brushing. 

Through the app, users can create a customized brushing plan by choosing from three cleaning modes, four intensities, and brushing duration. The Oclean One also charges in three and a half hours, and its battery lasts up to 60 days on a single charge. The sonic motor delivers 42,000 brush strokes per minute to deliver 20% more power than other brands, Oclean adds. 

Furthermore, the Oclean One is designed with a five-layer waterproof finishing process that is anti-bacterial and anti-fouling. Complementary replacement brush heads are delivered every three months for the life of the toothbrush. It is available in black, white, and pink for $89.99, and the free app is compatible with Apple iOS and Android.

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