Silver Diamine Fluoride Arrests Cavities and Desensitizes Teeth

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Elevate Oral Care’s Tinted Advantage Arrest silver diamine fluoride enhances placement visualization. The functionality of the chemistry has not changed. The United States Food and Drug Administration cleared Advantage Arrest as a desensitizer in 2014, and the product received its Breakthrough Therapy Designation for the arrest of severe early childhood caries in 2016. 

In addition to providing immediate relief from dental hypersensitivity, Tinted Advantage Arrest kills pathogenic organisms and hardens softened dentin to make it more resistant to acid and abrasion. Also, it does not stain sound dentin or enamel. It is available in 8-mL bottles that provide approximately 250 drops, or enough to treat 125 sites, with a site defined as up to five teeth.

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