Quip to Offer Clear Aligners

Richard Gawel


Quip will launch a clear aligner service, combining at-home convenience with professionally administered orthodontic treatment, according to the company. According to a survey, more than a third of quip’s members said they were interested or very interested in its aligners.

“Straightening teeth with clear aligners is an increasingly popular choice for consumers, but often they have to choose between cheap, do-it-yourself treatment or expensive professional options that require frequent visits to a practice,” said Simon Enever, quip founder and CEO.

“As a brand focused on oral health and accessibility, we wanted to create a service that didn’t compromise on any aspect, combining the safety, quality, and success rate of professionally administered orthodontics, with the convenience and affordability of at-home care,” Enever said.

“To do so, we’ve integrated world leading aligner manufacturing and technology partners into the quip platform and created a service that streamlines the experience for both consumers and providers,” he said.

Aligners are the second rollout powered by quip’s growing professional care platform, following the launch of its quipcare dental service in 2019. The platform is designed to connect patients with dental providers, allowing them to find, book, get, and pay for dental treatment from professionals in their area, quip said.

The quip professional platform aims to increase the transparency of dental care and facilitate a more simple, modern experience for patients while making it easier for providers to connect to new patients and engage with existing ones, the company said.

“Aligners are not just cosmetic. They are also a part of your oral health and well-being,” said Dr. Michelle Katz, an orthodontist on the quip professional network.

“Eliminating crowding by straightening teeth can make it easier to maintain overall dental health while also boosting confidence, but moving teeth is a process that requires professional oversight to ensure safe and long-lasting outcomes,” Katz said.

“Quip’s aligner system enables me to offer a service that has professional administration and oversight and doesn’t compromise on quality or convenience for my patients,” Katz said.

Features of quip’s aligners service include:

  • Virtual consultation and smile simulation: Users upload cell-phone pictures of their bite to get an estimate of how long their care will take, how much it should cost, and visualize the outcome of their teeth once straightened from home.
  • Professional scanning, checking, planning, and fitting: Eligible candidates book an in-person visit with a local dental professional at the click of a button where they get professional scans and an in-person checkup to ensure their mouth is healthy and eligible for aligner treatment.
  • Affordable, transparent pricing and financing: Those choosing to start a case can begin treatment from as little as $1,995 up front, or $99 per month.
  • High-quality products and treatment: Aligners are manufactured by one of the world’s leading aligner labs, quip said, and each patient will receive a quip smart brush, toothpaste, and refillable floss as well as a remote monitoring device.
  • Convenient at-home or in-person monitoring: Cases are monitored remotely by a dedicated orthodontist through the quip remote monitoring app, and users can get in-person care when needed.

The program is being piloted in New York City now and will start to scale nationwide later this year.

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