Biolase Launches Waterlase Pediatric Dental Academy

Richard Gawel


The Biolase Waterlase Pediatric Dental Academy (WPDA) will provide an immersive training experience through peer-led learning, best practice sharing, and ongoing mentorship to ensure optimal integration of Waterlase technology into clinical practices for pediatric treatment, according to the company.

“Pediatric dentists are actively seeking new ways to treat their young patients in a more gentle and holistic manner than traditional dental equipment offers, and we saw this as an opportunity to live out our mission of advancing dentistry in this community,” said John Beaver, president and CEO of Biolase.

“From minimally invasive tongue-tie releases for infants and toddlers to no-shot cavity preparations, Waterlase is the perfect addition to any pediatric practice to help kids feel more comfortable in the chair and, hopefully, instill healthy practices in oral care for life,” said Beaver.

As part of the WPDA, members will have access to virtual and in-person continuing education opportunities as well as clinical support sessions to review cases, best practice techniques, and exclusive web content. WPDA leadership includes several experienced pediatric dentists, Biolase said, including executive director Dr. Ben Curtis, Dr. Cheish Leung, Dr. Linda Murzyn-Dantzer, and Dr. Reena Kuba.

“I believe dental lasers are the future of dentistry, and I am thrilled to be part of an academy that allows pediatric dentists the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and train with Waterlase,” said Curtis.

“My practice has greatly benefitted from the diverse therapies the Waterlase laser provides, from limiting the time patients are in the chair to allowing for minimally invasive treatments that take the fear out of their visit,” Curtis said. “I’m eager for those in the pediatric dentistry community to experience these same results.”

Waterlase all-tissue dental lasers afford pediatric clinicians the ability to remove tooth decay gently and precisely, with less aerosols, less vibration, and little to no anesthesia, Biolase said. They also can perform soft-tissue procedures with less blood and faster healing than traditional scalpel and suture methods.

The versatility of Waterlase combined with the ongoing education, training, and clinical fellowship of the WPDA allows any pediatric clinician to integrate the technology and offer laser dentistry to their patient base, Biolase said. The formation of the WDPA follows the formation of Biolase’s Waterlase Perio Academy and Endo Academy.

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