Oral Cancer Detection Device Takes Edison Award

Richard Gawel


The Goccles oral cancer screening device from Pierrel Pharma recently received the Edison Awards Best New Product Silver Award. Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, Goccles is used in combination with traditional examination to help identify early signs of oral cancer. The eyewear uses a patented optical filter with a standard curing light, exposing the fluorescence of healthy mucosa and potentially suspicious precancerous and cancerous lesions.

With Goccles, there is no need to purchase additional consumables for use, and its price point is relatively low compared to similar devices, Pierrel Pharma Srl reports. Also, the company says that the device is supported by clinical studies. Pierrel Pharma chief executive office Fabio Velotti attributes the award to the company’s dedication to research and development as well as to its overall mission to create better dental healthcare experiences.

“I am so proud of Goccles and how it is transforming the oral cancer screening process on the dental side. As time passes, I believe we will see a major shift in dental professionals’ attitudes towards their role in early detection of oral cancer,” said Velotti. “I look forward to the day Goccles becomes a household name in its own right among dental professionals.” 

Launched in the United States in 2018, Goccles is available through all major distributors, including Patterson Dental, Henry Schein, Benco Dental, and Darby Dental.

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