Discs Release Xylitol to Thwart Dry Mouth

Richard Gawel


OraCoat’s XyliMelts for dry mouth is an all-natural, great-tasting, oral-adhering disc that slowly releases 550 mg of xylitol and oral lubricant to coat, moisturize, and lubricate a dry mouth, day and night, and reduce the risk of tooth decay, the company reports. It is the only dry mouth remedy for use while sleeping when dry mouth is worst, OraCoat says. To reduce caries, XyliMelts are designed to slowly release an effective level of xylitol while sleeping, when saliva flow is lowest. Additional benefits of XyliMelts include a nonacid pH of 8 to neutralize acids, their ability to reduce plaque, lasting relief (all night when used while sleeping), fresher breath, stimulated saliva, and usability with continuous positive airway pressure machines.

For more information, call OraCoat at (877) 672-6541 or visit oracoat.com.

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