Kits Produce Removable Dentures and Models

Richard Gawel


Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE Time Reduction Kits (TRKs) produce molded gypsum or acrylic-based material discs for accurately milling partial or full denture bases as well as models with the company’s DWX dry dental mills. 

Available for Roland’s DGSHAPE DWX-52D, DWX-52DC, and DWX-52DCi milling machines, the TRKs allow for in-house digital denture production that is simpler and more consistent than analog processes, the company reports.

The Removable Denture Kit (CA-DK1) reduces in-house finishing time for full denture and partial denture applications, combining affordable materials with precision milling for a more cost-effective and accurate solution, Roland DGA says.

Also, the CA-DK1 streamlines the digital workflow to save DWX users a significant amount of time money compared to traditional and 3-D printing methods, Roland DGA says. It includes a specially designed DGSHAPE tool that mills with efficiency, precision, and ease, plus pre-shaped molds that minimize material waste, according to the company.

The CA-DK1 simplifies post-production adjustments as well, Roland DGA says. Acrylic materials allow for quicker reline and rebase processes, enabling labs to meet patient needs faster, the company adds.

With the CA-DK1, DWX users can expect stronger, longer-lasting output as well, DGA Roland says. It combines materials to produce strong, long-term acrylic products, the company notes, unlike other digital denture base production methods that offer short-term results.

Meanwhile, the Model Kit (CA-MK1) is specially designed to simplify the denture model production process and delivery incredibly consistent results. 

The CA-DK1 includes six full-arch silicone molds, three TRK fixtures, a flat-end carbide tool, 50 sets of fixture tips, three silicone plates, and a spatula. The CA-MK1 includes three full-arch silicone molds, three quadrant silicone molds, three TRK fixtures, a flat-end carbide tool, and a spatula.

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