Package Includes Wet and Dry Mill Together at a Discount

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Roland DGA has launched a DGSHAPE DWX dental mill promotion enabling customers to save $6,995 when they purchase a DWX-4W wet mill and DWX-52D dry mill at the bundled price of $44,995. The DWX-4W and DWX-52D are designed to enable users to perform wet and dry milling jobs simultaneously, eliminating the time-consuming cleaning that comes when switching between the wet and dry capabilities a combo milling device would require. 

“Labs can dramatically increase their production of zirconia, glass ceramic, and composite resin materials by integrating both of these mills into their workflows,” said Dwight Blair, Roland DGA dental solutions product manager. “Now, by capitalizing on this bundle offer, they can do so at an unbeatable price.”

The DGSHAPE DWX-4W makes it easier and more cost effective to produce precision crowns, inlays and onlays, and veneers using glass ceramics and composite resins with the option of loading up to three standard pin blocks at a time, Roland DGA says. It also offers simultaneous four-axis milling, a four-station automatic tool changer, user-friendly Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) operation, and CAM software. 

The five-axis DGSHAPE DWX-52D is designed for reliability and precision as well as increased material capabilities and improved tool management. It also offers an automatic tool changer, VPanel operation, and a snap-in clamp system that makes the setup of various materials faster and more secure, according to the company. These features are designed for optimum productivity and outstanding results when milling zirconia, PMMA, PEEK, CoCr sinter metal, fiber-reinforced resins, composites, and all other standard materials, Roland DGA says.

And, the open architecture of both the DWX-4W and DWX-52D give users the freedom to work with their choice of the latest CAD/CAM software, scanners, and materials, says Roland DGA.

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