Wet Mill Designed for Highly Aesthetic Restorations

Richard Gawel


The DWX-42W wet dental mill from Roland DGA’s DGSHAPE Corporation improves upon the DWX-4W to fit the needs of dedicated labs and in-clinic labs, according to the company. It provides on-demand milling of glass ceramics and composite resin materials, producing crowns, small bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, and other prosthetics.

For labs, the DWX-42W represents a standalone wet milling solution designed for quick, cost-effective, and highly aesthetic CAD/CAM restorations. For in-clinic labs, it enables dental offices and practices to provide a same-day restoration service for their patients, DGSHAPE reports.

The DWX-42W features increased Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) capacity with six stations, ethernet connectivity, newly designed nozzles and coolant tank, and new grinding burs. It also boasts a newly engineered DGSHAPE spindle, reduced air pressure and volume requirements that eliminate the need for an additional compressor, up to 50% faster milling times, and network connectivity.

Like all DWX series dental mills, the DWX-42W’s open architecture design enables clinics and labs to use software and scanners they’re already familiar with. Its six-station ATC switches out grinding burs as needed for unattended production.

Plus, the mill’s Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) lets users quickly configure settings for up to four machines from a single computer. The VPanel also monitors operational status, sends email notifications when milling has been completed, and allows for automatic maintenance procedures like calibrations and spindle run-ins.

“DGSHAPE users really appreciate that their DWX mills are plug-and-play devices that can be operational minutes after setup,” said Dwight Blair, Roland DGA’s dental product manager. “This factor, along with the advantages of open architecture, shorten the learning curve and make integrating devices like the DWX-42W into any existing workflow a breeze.”

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