Kit Treats Pain from Jaw, Head, and Neck Injuries

Richard Gawel


Orofacial TherapeuticsSpeed2Treat Home Healing Kit for Head, Neck & Jaw Injury is designed to minimize patient suffering, reduce dysfunction, and help prevent musculoskeletal injuries from progressing into chronic conditions. It is based on an orthopedic model of care that recognizes the unique characteristics of the jaw joint and facial musculature, the company says. 

“With an injury to the jaw, whether it is from whiplash, dental visit, blow to the jaw, or other trauma, prompt action that encourages healing is the key to fast recovery and prevention of persistent chronic pain,” said James Fricton, DDS, MS, one of the kit’s developers and professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota. 

The kit includes an evidence-based four-week care plan along with multiple components designed for patients to use with ease, including a temporary overnight oral appliance, hot and cold therapy packs, self-care instructions, and online resources such as pain education, prescribed exercises, breath training, and calming virtual reality (VR) experiences linked to a smartphone.

Also, the kit can be offered to patients immediately after they have been assessed to help alleviate symptoms and improve the rate of recovery, Orofacial Therapeutics said. Extensive training in craniofacial disorders is not required for utilization by frontline healthcare providers, according to the company.

The Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit for Head, Neck & Jaw Injury is appropriate for:

  • Acute jaw joint and muscle sprain or strain (JAMSS) caused by intubation, a dental procedure where the mouth remains open for a long time, yawning, biting, or other similar injuries
  • Mild cases of trauma involving the head and neck such as whiplash or sports-related concussions
  • A blow to the jaw or injury to the chin
  • Tension headaches from jaw clenching, muscle tension, strain, and stress
  • Flareups of existing jaw or neck pain conditions

The Speed2Treat Basic Home Healing Kit and the Speed2Treat Complete Home Healing Kit, which includes a VR smartphone app, VP viewer, and the gentle jaw passive stretching device, are available at

Also, the Speed2Treat four-week care plan can be implemented via telehealth to prevent unnecessary in-person visits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instructions for telehealth utilization for medical and dental care providers are available at Providers can elect drop-shipment direct to the patient or patient self-order. 

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