Cleanser Removes Germs and Viruses from Multiple Surfaces

Richard Gawel


Formulated with 1.5% bleach and a powerful surfactant for removing dirt and grime, DenMat Holdings’ Hard Surface Cleanser is safe and effective in removing germs and viruses from multiple hard, nonporous surfaces such as marble, tile, plastic, fiberglass, and metal, the company says.

“Our new Hard Surface Cleanser is the second product in our newly created Infection Control category,” said David Casper, CEO of DenMat Holdings. “The demand for this product was made evident by the myriad of customers who are buying our recently introduced Hand Sanitizer. As was the case with the sanitizer, DenMat has the ingredients and manufacturing capability already in place, so this was a natural addition to our product line.”

DenMat released its 80% ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer on March 30. Dental practices have demonstrated the need for sanitizer and various infection products over the last several years, says the company, adding that it has leveraged its manufacturing facility in Lompoc, California, to address customer demand for these products.

The Hard Surface Cleanser features a mild lemon scent to deodorize while cleaning and comes in 32-ounce spray bottles.

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