Implant System Accelerates Treatment

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The goal for Nobel Biocare’s N1 implant system is to make treatment faster, as well as more straightforward and predictable. Addressing some of the shortcomings of current protocols, N1 was designed from the ground up with biological principles and patient needs in mind. In collaboration with a group of international researchers and clinicians, Nobel Biocare created this system from more than 5 years of scientific and clinical refinement.

From planning to prosthetic delivery, the entire N1 system was created to streamline workflows and enhance patient comfort. Going beyond a new implant design, Nobel Biocare is also redefining site preparation with the OsseoShaper, an alternative to conventional drilling protocols. Fully embracing the new Mucointegration concept, the Xeal and TiUltra surfaces will be available on the N1 implant system from day one. 

With the help of their specially tailored surface chemistry and topography, the N1 TiUltra implants and Xeal abutments can thus benefit from optimized tissue integration. Also, the N1 will be further integrated into the digital workflow with DTX Studio, giving dental professionals more opportunities to provide patients with shorter time to new teeth. 

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