Treatment Solution Provides Access to Special Orthodontic Functions

Richard Gawel


Dentsply Sirona’s Primescan AC is designed to enable a fast, precise impression of the entire jaw and open up a whole new world of digital orthodontics for users. The CEREC Ortho SW 2.0 then gives users access to special orthodontic functions immediately after the digital impression with Primescan.

Its features include adding a base to the model, a comprehensive model analysis, and a simulation of the treatment outcome that can immediately be used for patient communication. The model analysis, including Bolton and space requirement analysis, is done so quickly that it can be part of the scanning session, Dentsply Sirona says.   

The system also includes a Moyers’ mixed dentition analysis, transverse distance, symmetry, occlusion class, overjet, overbite, and more. The segmentation required for measuring the teeth is done quickly—nearly automatically—and is extremely reliable, Dentsply Sirona says. Also, the extensive analysis sheet can be exported in PDF format for documentation purposes. 

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